Thursday, October 8, 2015

What If ... The Muppets

I'm crossing the streams a bit here, as I did a Muppets post last week, and I have another What If post coming up next week, but this is the case where something got into my head and just kept nagging at me.

As I stated previously, I'm not a fan of the new premise of The Muppets on TV. How could it be improved? Well, what about a talent show? I know that "America's Got Talent" is an NBC show and not on ABC, but that's kind of the set-up I had in mind.

Picture this: Sicily, 1931 ... wait, sorry. Senior moment there. (And thank you to the two of you that laughed at that.)

Picture this: A nation-wide talent show hosted by Gonzo, who gets involved in some of the acts (much like Nick Cannon). The judges are Fozzie (the nice one), Piggy (the harsh one), and the celebrity guest of the week. Behind the scenes we have Kermit wrangling everything, and dealing with the various personalities in order to get the show running properly.

Statler and Waldorf would be in their standard box in the audience, Bobo would be security, Rizzo and Pepe would be in the booth directing things, and we could have various Muppets on camera. Rowlf and The Electric Mayhem would come out to provide musical accompaniment to some of the acts.

In this way we update The Muppet Show to modern day, but we also keep the variety acts that made up some of the best bits.

I expect I'll be seeing my contract as show runner for this new concept in the mail any day now.

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  1. I like the idea, very much an updating of the Muppets original premise.

    1. Thanks, Keith. As I said, I miss the off the wall variety acts most of all in the new show.

    2. The musical numbers and novelty acts where some of the highlights, my 5 year old son sings the Mannah Mannah song almost daily.