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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Disney's Buyout of Fox is Perfectly Timed

As I'm sure we all know by now, the deal where Disney has bought the asserts of 21st Century Fox has been approved. That means that Marvel properties like The Fantastic Four and The X-Men now have their movie rights back with Marvel Studios. This could not have come at a better time. As I've stated before, all of reality will be altered when those heroes who remain after Infinity War will try to bring back everyone. This allows for the perfect opportunity to bring these characters into the MCU proper.

Just imagine, if you would, a scenario like I suggested way back when. The original Avengers, as well as the heroes like Rocket Raccoon who are still around, defeat Thanos. Adam Warlock or Nebula gets a hold of the Infinity Gauntlet and tries to set things right, but something happens and reality and time are warped. We get any new actors for roles like Iron Man and Captain America, but we also see Wolverine* (played by someone other than Hugh Jackman) and The Thing (hopefully in pants) in the crowd. No explanation is given, they're just there.

Now we have a new starting point where anything can happen, because not all of the history up to this point had to have happened. This kind of soft reboot will allow for Hank Pym to have invented Ultron, or the Fantastic Four to have existed in the 1960's, or even Captain America fighting along side Namor & the original Human Torch as The Invaders during World War II. This gives them an "out" to modify what they need to, but not have to completely scrap what has come before.

* This is assuming that the X-Men will be integrated with the MCU, which I would rather they didn't do since I think Mutants (and anti-mutant hysteria) work much better on their own.

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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Last Jedi Questions

Having recently re-watched The Last Jedi, this time with the RiffTrax going, a few questions popped into my head. The main source of tension is the white bronco like slow chase between the First Order star destroyers and the last three Resistance ships. We know that the reason the First Order found them is that there's a tracking program on board the main cruiser and that they can't jump to hyperspace because of low fuel levels and the tracker.

So the first question is, if the First Order just wants to destroy the cruiser, which they do seem to want to do as soon as it runs out of fuel, why are they waiting? The star destroyers aren't running low on fuel. Why can't they pull a Picard Maneuver and do a mini-jump head of the cruiser, or, better yet, jump all around it since there are five of them, turn and kill it? What's the point of waiting?

Assuming they don't want to destroy the ship, which is contrary to what we're shown, then why do they jump in in force? Wouldn't trailing them be better served by using a small ship that can track the Resistance movements and not be spotted? Then the main base, if that's what they're after, could be uncovered and nothing is lost.

Lastly, who planted the tracker? In order to track something, there needs to be some connection. That's what Rose and Finn were on their "foiled by illegal parking" mission to disrupt. So, who is the traitor? Is this something that will be glossed over in the next film or will it be part of the main plot?

What do you think, dear reader? Are these valid questions or am I thinking too much again?

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