Thursday, August 16, 2018

Let The Planning Begin!

I'm pretty sure you all know by now that I'm a planner and like to get things set up WELL in advance. So I was looking at where we might go on our family vacation next year. The original plan was to head up to New England but, to be perfectly honest, nothing up there was "grabbing" me. The time shares available didn't look to be worth it and I kept thinking, "Just how bored will Kira be doing this?"

So I shifted gears and looked South. I ended up checking out beach resorts in the Carolinas, which all looked very nice. The problem being, there really wasn't anything to do but beach stuff. Having grown up at the Jersey Shore, I'm pretty much over just "going to the beach", especially for a week. Plus, I tend to get a bit antsy if all I'm doing it sitting around. I'd rather DO something, and there's only so much to do on a beach.

Just as an impulse, I then checked out the Disney Cruise Line, to see what was available. They do sail out of New York, but only in September, October, and November, which is no good since we don't like taking Kira out of school. That lead me to Port Canaveral, Florida and Caribbean cruises. It turns out that the had a sailing for just the week that Kira is on Spring Break. Looking at the options, it was fairly reasonable and, after discussing it with Michelle and Kira, we decided to go for it.

We got a fairly reasonable rate, too, considering that we'll be in a Type 5E stateroom, which is at the aft of the ship and has a veranda. I already booked the ground transport to and from the Orlando airport (via Disney's Magical Express) and pre-purchased the pictures. Now I just have to get the plane tickets (so this will be Kira's first plane ride as well as cruise) and we all need passports, since we'll be visiting the British Virgin Islands.

I think that this vacation is going to be a split between my super-detailed planning when we go to Walt Disney World and this past, laid back vacation. I don't have control over where we go, but we can plan for what to do when we get there. We'll also have the days at sea where we can just do what we want as the mood strikes us.

Stay tuned for more updates as events warrant.

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  1. " I'm pretty much over just "going to the beach", especially for a week".

    As someone 2 hours from any ocean, I say, "cry me a river" :) OUr annual family picnic at a beach in LI ended after last year so I'm bummed about that.

    But this does sound like a lot of fun. I've always wanted to go on a cruise before kids, but the opportunity - and the funds - never presented themselves.

    Now, with kids, it's about finding something fun for them to do while stuck on a ship for a week so this sounds like the perfect fit for a family. HOpe you have a good time.

  2. A cruise sounds like a good option given size of group and need to have things for Kira to do.

    North Carolina coast has a number of non-beach options, but they take driving time and are generally nature hike or museum-y in nature. (I have stopped overnight in Norfolk, VA a few times in order to hit museums or other locales nearby on the way further south.) And the area right around Wilmington is pretty nice as well.

    British Virgin Islands are nice. Not sure how they have changed since I visited there back in the 1990s though and stayed at a resort. Highlight was snorkeling, and is that something else to introduce Kira too?