Thursday, February 21, 2019


With all of the talk of the new Robotech comic on my news feeds (which sounds really good, so I might pick it up), I'm reminded of how I missed the show as a kid. I watched Star Blazers and Battle of the Planets whenever I could find them (which I remember being REALLY early on Saturday mornings), but I only caught a couple of Robotech episodes.

As I was pretty much the only one of my friends to watch these shows, I didn't know what I was missing. At least not until middle school when I was invited to play the Robotech RPG from Palladium. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and, if memory serves, we only played the game a couple of times. Still, it was enough to make me seek out the show in college.

To this day, I haven't made it past the first few Dana Sterling episodes, even though I've watched the Macross Saga (aka Season One) three times through. You can see just how they try and jam multiple anime series together into something resembling a coherent story. Maybe I'll eventually get through the rest of Season Two and see Season Three, but I don't think that will be any time soon.

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