Thursday, November 17, 2016

Rocky Run - Year 2 (sort of)

Well, it turns out that my prediction that I wouldn't do as well in this year's Rocky Run was correct. Not because I wasn't able to train (which was true) but because I wasn't able to go.

You see, my wife got a job at the new Amazon Fullfillment Center in our town (Woohoo!) working nights. This is perfect because it means that Kira is never home alone. The side effect of this, unfortunately, is that I can't closet myself in the office and work on podcasts while watching her. So I have 3 episodes sitting and waiting to be edited & released. I promise that I'll get to them, but family will always come first.

Now, back to our story. Since Kira had a Girl Scout camping trip this past weekend, it actually worked out so that I could leave for Philly before Michelle got home. Then a spanner got into the works and the trip was changed from Friday & Saturday nights to just Saturday night. So, I could leave her home alone (not happening), leave when Michelle got home (and not make the race), take Kira wih me (and force her to walk 3 miles in the cold before going camping), or not go.

I think I made the correct decision.

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