Thursday, November 3, 2016

Current Projects

I tend to have a good number of irons in the fire with regard to what I'm doing for entertainment. Having recently finished off listing to The Marvel Superheroes Podcast, and reading the first 250 Marvel Age comics (as listed by The Complete Marvel Reading Order and using Marvel Unlimited), I figured that I'd switch gears a bit.

Inspired by Kyle Benning, Christopher Warden, and Van Zee on Facebook, I'm going to be re-listening to all of the Tales of the Justice Society of America episodes. As part of that, I'm also going to start a read through of All-Star Squadron. Of course, that's not enough for my multi-tasking mind to go with, so I'm also going to be listening to The Amazing Spider-Man Classics podcast for the first time, now that it's been revived. I'm also going to start a re-read of the 1984 Star Trek comic series from DC, for a reason to be announced.

As a family, though, we are currently watching the original Star Trek episodes on the 50th anniversary of their original airing. I've seen them all, multiple times, but Michelle has only seen the occasional one, and Kira normally walks out of the room when Trek is on. Now, though, we're all watching them as intended, once a week, as a group. Some interesting things are showing up, mainly with Kirk NOT being a womanizer in the early episodes, and with some of the discussions we have during & after the shows.

I have no idea when these projects will be completed, or if I'll see something shiny before they are, but I figured that I'd share them in case anyone wants to join me on this journey.

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