Thursday, July 16, 2015

Some Changes
You might notice a few changes around the blog, some cosmetic, some not. First of all, I've changed the layout around a bit, getting rid of some things and adding others. Nothing too earth shattering, though, just trying to streamline things.

The big change, however, is that I'm now on Patreon. What does this mean? Well, quite simply, I'm trying to shake you down for money. Why would I turn this friendship we've built into a buisiness relationship? Why would I throw your trust away? Mainly, to try out some new stuff. No, this blog and the associated podcast aren't that expensive to do, but they do cost money. Hosting fees, owning the URL, computer & recording equipment, etc.

So, before I try branching out into new things, I want to get some funds together. If you've enjoyed what I've done here, I would appreciate it if you could give my Patreon page a look. I have a few milestones out there, some of which I think are achievable, and you'll get rewarded for your donations every month.

Thank you for your support.

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