Thursday, March 12, 2015

Podcast Update

I've had a busy week, so this post will just be an update on what I've been busy doing.

First off, there was the long anticipated return of The Quantum Cast! Jif and I worked out a time to get together and record, and the magic was still there. In fact, we were both so jazzed about this episode that we already have most of the next episode recorded.

You can listen to it here: The Quantum Cast - Episode 3

Next up we have the mid-season break of Anime Freaks, where we took a look at the movie "Ninja Scroll" This one is definitely NOT family or work friendly, so make sure you listen to this on your headphones.

The episode can be found here: Anime Freaks - Episode 7

The movie can be viewed here: Ninja Scroll on Hulu

Finally, I was joined by Matt and Chris from NeoZAZ to talk about the Disney XD show, Star Wars: Rebels. We had a great time recording this and I think we were both insightful and entertaining. I highly recommend all the shows over on their network.

You can listen to our discussion here: The Hammer Podcasts! - Episode 11

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