Thursday, March 5, 2015

He Lived Long and Prospered

As I write this, the news has just broken of Leonard Nimoy's death. I don't think that I can overstate the importance that Star Trek has had on my life, considering that it opened my eyes to geeky interests and led me to choosing engineering as my field of study. Spock was one of the stand out characters from the show and is immediately recognizable to anyone, geek or non-geek. And yet, Star Trek was only part of this man's long and varied career. He was also an accomplished director, a TV host, a poet, a singer, and an amazing photographer. He was married twice, for 33 and 26 years, respectfully, and had two children.

I think it goes without saying that he will be missed, but we must not forget that he had a long and prosperous life, so we should celebrate his accomplishments while mourning his passing. In that vein, here's probably his most famous song. Enjoy.

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