Thursday, January 8, 2015

The State of the Podcast

As my first post of the New Year, I thought I'd look back on my biggest project from 2014, which would be to start my own podcast. Luckily I was able to annoy Scott Gardner enough convince the wonderful guys at Two True Freaks into allowing me on their network, which made my life a lot easier.  I covered a good number of topics, and had a great time doing it. Here's a breakdown of the episodes and how many downloads they got:

Episode 1 - Star Trek

My thoughts on Star Trek: The Motion Picture and The Animated Series.

Downloaded 297 times (Rank 177 in 2014 for all Two True Freaks shows)

Episode 2 - Comic Books

How I got into comics and my likes/dislikes.

Downloaded 290 times (Rank 189)

Episode 3 - Mythology

My general thoughts on Mythology and Arthurian legend.

Downloaded 363 times (Rank 79)

Episode 4 - Feedback

Response to various e-mails that I had gotten up to that point. I have since gotten a bunch more, so look for "Son of Feedback" in the near future.

Downloaded 325 times (Rank 135)

Episode 5 - Changes

I was joined by Tom Harris (of Radio Free Asgard) to talk about changes to Thor and Captain America. I think we had quite the intelligent discussion on the topic.

Downloaded 391 times (Rank 52)

This was my most popular episode to date and that's all thanks to Tom.

Episode 6 - Greek Gods

In this one I went more in depth on Greek Mythology, looking at three myths and giving you my opinion.

Downloaded 129 times (Rank 558)

Episode 7 - Role Playing Games

In this episode I was joined by The Irredeemable Shag himself (of Firestorm Fan) to talk about our mutual passion for Role Playing Games.

Downloaded 113 times (Rank 675)

Episode 8 - Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Released on the 35th Anniversary of the premiere of the first Star Trek feature film, Scott Gardner (one of the Two True Freaks) and I talk about our love of this movie and why you should give it a second look.

Downloaded 156 times (Rank 455)

Episode 9 - A Christmas Carol

My very own holiday special. I have only heard good things so far, so obviously the checks cleared.

Downloaded 71 times (Rank information not available.)

Legends of the Superheroes - Swamp Thing

Very graciously agreeing to by my first ever guest, Rob Kelly (of The Aquaman Shire) and I go over this often overlooked movie based on the DC Comics character.

Downloaded 344 times (Rank 107)

Legends of the Superheroes - Batman

This time out I was joined by Paul Spataro and Bill Robinson (of Back to the Bins) for a look back at the Adam West Batman series.

Downloaded 413 times (Rank 35)

My most popular episode to date! As with Episode 5 above, I give all the credit to Paul and Bill.

Legends of the Superheroes - The Incredible Hulk

A loving look back at the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferigno TV show with Chris Weissenborn and Mike Zsiga (of The Ninjaverse).

Downloaded 301 times (Rank 170)

Not too shabby for my first year, if I do say so myself.

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