Thursday, August 7, 2014

For Kira

My daughter, Kira (who's name comes from The Dark Crystal, not DS9), turned 6 years old yesterday. So, in her honor I'm posting this video.

Now I am in no way a "Brony", but as a father of a girl who is obsessed with My Little Pony (not to mention being married to the original MLP fangirl), I have no choice but to be exposed to the show. That said, I appreciate the nod to the parents that are watching with their children, especially those of the geeky persuasion.

As you can see from this side-by-side, there are some Star Wars fans on the staff, and I like what they did here. To Kira, this was a great end scene after hard-fought battle. To me, it's a way for the show's producers to tell me that they appreciate that I have to sit through this.

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