Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Short Review of Thor: The Dark World

My family went to see Thor: The Dark World this past weekend and, on the whole, I thought it was really good.  I did have a couple of issues with it (such as how things in a continuous fall didn't reach terminal velocity) but nothing that threw me out of the movie.  I had a good time watching it and I think it fit nicely into the Marvel Studios Universe.

Probably the best way to sum it up was through my 5 year old daughter's reaction to the final battle.  "Daddy, that was awesome!"

If you liked the first movie and/or Avengers, I would highly recommend it.


  1. Saw it on Tuesday. Was entertained and thought it worked well with the characters. Enough comedy relief without going over the top, etc.

    Unfortunate side effect of seeing these films is that I then go over to Wikipedia and look up background. And from there see what an utter mess the Marvel (or DC) continuity is in terms of characters staying dead, disintegrated, whatever; cross-overs or different writers running power levels farther and farther up the scales; and realizing that it becomes pretty tiresome after a while.

    Also saw trailer for "Capt America: The Winter Soldier". Not familiar with that particular plot line so I looked it up. Makes very good sense from the movies point of view to jump to that line - but also shows where Marvel decided to break what had been a long-standing Capt America rule.

    1. Yeah, the whole death and return thing has pretty much become a joke. It worked for awhile where characters would stay dead and others would fill their shoes (see Barry Allen, Hall Jordan and Oliver Queen) but then you get people in charge who have their favorites and want them back. Oh well. That's why I'm reading the comics of a certain era and sticking to that. Much less frustration.