Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hello, Computer

So I was thinking the other day about typing.  I have a device at work that is a touch-pad and allows for input by pressing on a flat space.  The issue is that there are no “home keys” on it, so I have to look at it to be sure I’m inputting the correct item.  Now, I never learned how to properly type, I use at most 4 fingers at a time, but I know my mother took typing classes in high school, and it really good at it.  Of course, most kids today type only using their thumbs, so there’s no chance of them even knowing what “home keys” are. 
The way my mind works I immediately jumped to Star Trek 4, where Scotty, a man from a time period where standard keyboards are obsolete, is able to type faster than anyone.  Why is that?  Shouldn’t he be the slowest typist, not the fastest?  Even if he does know how to use a keyboard, when’s the last time you saw a qwerty-style input device on Star Trek?
Yes, this is the kind of stuff that gets stuck in my head.  Aren’t you lucky that I can share it?  ;)

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