Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

On this, the 149th Official American Thanksgiving, I would like to let you all know what I am thankful for.  First of all, I am thankful for my family.  My wife and daughter are my life, but I am also thankful for my parents, sister and umpteen other relations, both kith and kin.  Secondly, I am thankful for my good friends, even those that I have not seen or spoken too in far too long.  Third, I am really thankful that I live in the greatest country in the world (no slight overt or implied to my foreign readership, I’m just a patriot).  Lastly, I am thankful that I have a good job and can provide for those that I need to.

1 comment:

  1. You know I'm going to have to challenge you to some sort of duel to the death over that greatest country thing, right? ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving!