Thursday, January 31, 2019

Daily Disney?

This past weekend the subject of Walt Disney World came up while I was with a group of friends and they asked me how often I could go there. My answer was, "If I lived down there, every damn day." They were puzzled, so I thought I should sit down and explain why there is such an attraction there.

First of all, there are the childhood memories. I'll never be able to ride 20,000 Under The Sea again, but finding the Nautilus images around that area of Fantasyland brings back the fascination I had with the ride. We only went twice when I was a kid, but The Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center left their mark on me.

Secondly, there's just SO MUCH to see. I've been there 6 times in my life and there are things that I haven't been able to search out. I don't mean any of the attractions or restaurants, but the little things that the Imagineers worked in. I just want to wander around Liberty Square or Echo Lake with no deadline, no "we only have X days to get it all done." If I could, I'd take my time and see it all.

Third, there are the special events that I've never seen. We went to Star Wars: Galactic Nights the last time we were there, but we've never been able to make Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party or Very Merry Christmas Party. Yes, they're "extra ticketed events", but with Kira in school we can't go while living up here.

Finally, nothing stays the same. WDW is always growing and changing. Trying to see all the new stuff while visiting old favorites on a vacation trip once every 3 years is just not realistic. If we had the option to go as often as we wanted, we could all be up to date on everything.

Yes, it's a dream to be able to be at the parks whenever we want to go but, as the song says, "Tomorrow is just a dream away."

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