Thursday, March 29, 2018

My Daughter Is An Anime Character

We recently began watching Cardcaptor Sakura, at Michelle's request. She thought that the new Clearcard series looked interesting, but as none of us had seen the original, we thought it was a good idea to start from the beginning. In the first episode, Sakura Kinomoto, the main character, describes herself and after pretty much each item, Michelle and I both look at Kira. Here's part of her description from Wikipedia:

"Her most defining character traits is her unyielding determination, caring nature and loyalty to her friends. Sakura is portrayed as an perceptively sweet, extremely energetic and cheerful character who is well-loved, pretty, cheerful, cute and at times a naive, clumsy, and clueless. Sakura is athletically gifted and skilled in sports at school, being an excellent runner and called the "best baton twirler in school" by her friends. She hates math and is openly phasmophobic <afraid of ghosts>."

Determined? Yes
Caring? Certainly
Loyal to her friends? Of course
Sweet? Yup
Energetic? Most of the time
Cheerful? Definitely
Well loved? No doubt
Pretty/Cute? Yes
Naive? Oh yeah
Clumsy? Very
Clueless? Can be
Good at sports? Pretty much
Hates math? You have no idea
Afraid of ghosts? She makes Shaggy look brave

I think the conclusion is clear. Based on the evidence, Kira and Sakura could be the same kid. Add to that the fact that they're both in the Fourth Grade and we have it pretty much sewn up. That's going to make watching this show real interesting.

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