Thursday, July 13, 2017

Professional Wrestling

Image from WWF Old School
Inspired by the new Get Back To The Wrestling podcast, I've been watching some classic WWF Pay-Per-View events. It's amazing what I had forgotten about these things. There's no doubt that they are a soap opera writ large, and it's interesting to see the way things get built up and broken down, all in service of the story.

Add to this the athleticism of the men and women (yes, there were lady wrestlers way back when), and it is truly a thing to behold. It certainly brings back a lot of memories from when my sister and I would watch wrestling on the weekends, and bug our parents to get us Wrestlemania or Summer Slam.

I'm also using this as an opportunity to teach Kira about wrestling and how even though it's not "real", the moves that these guys are doing takes a lot of practice so as to not hurt the other person. I think she appreciates what has to go on to pull off one of these matches, especially since she's had a year of dance. That taught her how hard some moves that look easy can really be.

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