Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sub vs Dub

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid - You need to watch this series
It may be what I have access to (thank you Crunchyroll and Hulu) but I find myself watching more Subtitled Anime than Dubbed in recent years. Even when I have the choice, I tend to go towards the Subtitled. I've found that I get more out of the experience, partly because I get the original intonation of the lines being delivered. That's not to say I have anything against the English dubbing, but some things just don't translate very well.

Also, I can make mental corrections on what might be a mis-translation easier if I'm reading it than hearing it. That goes back to my middle/high school days and Spanish class, I think. I could always read it and understand others speaking it very well, but every time I had to write or speak it myself I couldn't do it. I think I'm just more visually attuned to things, so hearing the intonation and seeing what is written I can get what's going on. I know I had to correct some stuff when Kira was watching Sailor Moon, since they obviously got it wrong.

How about you guys? Do you prefer your anime Sub or Dub?

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  1. Have generally always preferred sub to dub. In movies, anime, and pretty much any genre and category. Prefer the intonation and emotion as originally delivered.

    And with historical stuff it helps with the immersion as well. An example would be WW2 stuff like "The Longest Day" where the Germans speak in German and the French in French, not everyone in English. And sometimes without subtitles at all like the Germans or French in "Kelly's Heroes".

  2. That's part of the reason I like watching WWII movies with Michelle. Since she speaks German, I can just ask her, "What did he just say?" if they don't have subtitles. :)

  3. Always prefer subbed over dubbed, you get the full flavour of what you are watching when you can hear the voices as they were intended to be heard.

    1. My thoughts exactly. It is interesting to watch both versions, though. We just finished watching Dragon Maid in the dubbed version (because we can) and there were only minor differences.

      Then there's watching episodes of Voltron and Go Lion to see just how big the changes are. They are BIG, so it becomes funny.