Thursday, April 20, 2017

What If ... Attack of the Clones

One of the biggest disappointments of Attack of the Clones, for me anyway, was the ending. For most of the movie we're under the impression that Count Dooku and the Separatists are convinced that the Republic has become corrupt and they legitimately want to split off. Dooku even lays all of that out for Kenobi, asking the latter to join them.

Then it turns out that Dooku is really Darth Tyranus and working for Palpatine. Ugh.

Here's my idea for what could have been. Dooku was really leading what he thought was the right side in the war. Yes, he might have been manipulated behind the scenes, but he knew that he was on the side of the just. The offer he makes to Obi-Wan is genuine, and not the last on he will make to a Jedi. The fact that he's giving Palpatine exactly what he wants then become a tragedy.

Even more of a tragedy is the fact that the Jedi, those lovers of peace and protectors of the rights of all beings, are on the wrong side and DON'T KNOW IT! The Jedi bring about, unknowingly, the destruction of the one group that could have overthrown the soon-to-be Emperor, or at least give a safe haven for all of those that eventually became oppressed under his rule.

Making both sides of the war under the control of one man just ended up with a much more boring story in the long run. Entirely in my opinion, of course.

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  1. The Separatists goals always seemed to matter little to the plot. All we see of the leadership are guys we already know to be bad and others who are OBVIOUSLY designed to look evil as well. It wasn't until we got to that single episode of Clone Wars that we even got more a balanced view of the other side and even then we never really returned to it afterwards. I like the idea of Dooku just being an unwitting pawn of Palpatine's...which he kinda is anyway but there are still so many unanswered questions. How did Palpatine turn Dooku to the dark side? When did he do that? Who paid the Kamioans for the initial Clone Army, and not just the army but the vehicles, armor, weapons, food!...since apparently keeping it going was going to bankrupt the Republic during the war according to Clone Wars. It's a little hard to hide the amount of credits and materials to build a space and ground fleet of that scale from EVERYONE. But back to the main point...we already knew Palpatine was a master manipulator but still one guy being in control of both sides of a GALAXY-spanning war is a little much especially when there are so many variables with all the different commanders and battles and what-not going on simultaneously that it's just a little much for just one evil Sith Lord controlling all the pieces on the board. So the story is a little weak but still Christopher it's not all bad but it could have been better as you point out Gene.

    1. Palpatine wouldn't need to be in complete control of both sides, but he could have acted as an instigator. He would have had spies everywhere, so he could suggest that the Jedi go to System X, which just happens to have a Separatist base. Or accidentally leak information about Jedi troop movements to the other side.

  2. The entire Separatist movement were unwitting pawns of Darth Sidious.

    That episode of Clone Wars makes it tragic. Unfortunately the films never showed us that so we don't care about it.

    Just like I didn't really care about when the Republic senate was destroyed in TFA. I didnt' know them so it had no emotional resonance.

    1. At least the prequels told us, in general, what the Separatists were doing. TFA didn't even bother to tell us why Leia was on the outs with the Senate.