Thursday, February 2, 2017


When I play video games I tend towards Role-Playing Games. That's because I grew up playing various games with my friends (see Episode 7 of The Hammer Podcasts! for more information). Add to that the fact that one of my favorite NES games was Simon's Quest, one of the first true RPG games, and it's pretty obvious.

What isn't so obvious is that I primarily am draw to Japanese role-playing games, or JRPG's. Part of this is due to my first exposure to the Playstation system. I was at the University of Sheffield for a year and one of my friends had a PS1 and a copy of Final Fantasy 7. I fell in love with that game, with it's ability to customize your characters (to the point of renaming them) and switch out your party members. This was what I wanted.

Since then I've played several JRPG's, many from Square-Enix, and have, generally, enjoyed them all. They have a nice mix of story, hack & slash, and puzzle solving, which means they're usually something new to deal with. Add to that the fact that there's a lot of replay-ability, and my love of Anime, and you have a type of game that's right up my alley.

How about you? Is there a type of game, or a specific game of that type, that you just feel drawn towards?

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