Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sherlock Holmes and The Super-Monkey

I have quite the range of tastes in entertainment, and it's rather interesting where they intersect. One instance of this occured last month when my wife and I watched "The Six Napoleons", an episode of "The Return of Sherlock Holmes" starring the great Jeremy Brett as the great detective. In this we have someone breaking plaster busts of Napoleon Bonaparte, for no obvious reason. The culprit, and spoilers for those that haven't seen the episode or read the story, is described as:

" alert, sharpfeatured simian man with thick eyebrows, and a very peculiar projection of the lower part of the face like the muzzle of a baboon." - From the text of the original story

This man's name is Beppo, which is an unusual, but not unheard of, nickname for the Italian name Giuseppe.

This got me to wondering, what this the origin of the name for Beppo the Super-Monkey? Did Otto Binder read the Conan Doyle story and use that as part of his creation of Beppo? I don't think that we'll ever know the answer, but this is what my mind does when watching things like this.

Also of note was that the episode also had Mirina Sirtis in a small role, so you get Superman, Sherlock Holmes, and Star Trek all converging. My kind of show.

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