Thursday, December 1, 2016

Evaluating Vacation Options - Park Tickets

Many people visiting Walt Disney World or Universal Studios, Orlando for the first time can feel a bit overwhelmed. There's so much to see, how do you do it? Well, one option is the Park Hopper/Multi-Park ticket.

If I lived in Orlando, I would be an Annual Pass Holder and spend a good amount of time in just one section of one park each visit. There's so much stuff to see that I could be perfectly happy looking in each nook and cranny. Being on vacation, however, that means that we have certain things that we want to see and, often, we have to bounce back and forth between parks to do it.*

So, fo every visit that I have been a part of, we've purchased the Park Hopper tickets. At WDW, this is would add $207 to the ticket price for us (2 Adults, 1 Child over 4 Days), and that's not too bad for the freedom it gives you. This way you can start at The Magic Kingdom and then, after lunch, head over to Epcot, and maybe wrap up the day at Hollywood Studios for dinner and Fantsamic.

At Universal, the same 4 day tickets would add $150 for the park-to-park option, which allows you to bounce back and forth between Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Now, I could spend all day just on the Marvel island, but having that freedom to jump back and forth is worth the money, in my opinion.

If you want to save money and concentrate on one park at a time**, then I wouldn't try and talk you out of it. The multi-park tickets are just the way to go, for our family.

* Actually, on thing that we want to see at Universal Studios is the Hogwarts Express, which REQUIRED the multi-park ticket, since it travels between the two Universal parks.

** If you only want to do one park per day, then might I suggest this special from Walt Disney World.

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