Thursday, June 23, 2016

Superman on Supergirl

As I'm sure you're all aware, they are going to put Superman on screen in the new season of Supergirl, and not back-lit or blurry, either. As a Superman Fan, I can tell you that I'm thrilled about this. I do have a few things to say, though.

First, I'm happy to see a new actor take on the role. Of those that have played the Man of Steel, and are still with us, we have Brandon Routh & Henry Cavill, both of whom already have roles in DC properties, so they were out already. That leaves Tom Welling, the man from the Smallville TV series. Since he spent 10 years of his life as Clark Kent already, I don't think he would have come back anyway.

However, they have cast Tyler Hoechlin in the role, who is 28 as of this writing. That's a bit of a problem for me. You see, Superman was already around, and trusted, when Kara first arrived on Earth. That means he had to be around 22 years old, at the youngest. Now it's 12 or so years later, which means that he'd be in his mid-30's, at least. We also have James Olsen. Actor Mehcad Brooks is 35 at the time of this writing, which means that we have a Jimmy Olsen who is older than Clark Kent!

Last, and certainly not least, I want the writers to remember that the show's name is "Supergirl" and not have Superman around to save the day all the time. I liked how they handled it in the first season, making it all about Kara with Clark in the background, if he was there at all. That should continue, but I'd love to see some Kryptonian family bonding going on at the Fortress.

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