Thursday, March 31, 2016

Supergirl / Flash Bandwagon Jumping

I know that I'm getting crotchety in my middle age (remember, I'm mentally 25 years older than I am physically), but very now and then I find something that just puts a smile on my face as big as my daughter's. One such even happened earlier this week as we watched, live for a change, an episode of Supergirl guest starring The Flash.

This is the kind of team-up I have always loved in the comics. Not the, now tired, "I don't know who you are so I must fight you" trope, but a straight up hero helping hero story. The Flash breaks the dimensional barrier and ends up on yet another Earth, where he "saves" Kara Danvers. Secret Identities are exchanged (which is one point that still irks me) and the two heroes team up to solve the weekly plot.

Since it's Supergirl's show, she manages to get a lesson from The Flash, as it wouldn't do to have character development of the guest star, and they end with Barry going back to his own Earth. However, there are several geek-out moments in the episode, both for the audience and the characters, and it's just such a fun episode that I couldn't help but cheer at certain points.

THIS is how superhero team-ups are supposed to be! THIS is how superhero properties are supposed to be handled! Not dark and brooding with everyone asking "But what if they turn against us?" No, this was fun and well grounded in the source material, right down to the heroes calling each other "Girl of Steel" and "Scarlet Speedster". Heck, the promo image is a huge homage to the comics!

The only thing that might (yes, might) have made it better is if a certain 5th Dimensional Imp had been responsible, but that's been done before.

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