Thursday, February 4, 2016

Robin Hood

One of my favorite old movies is "The Adventures of Robin Hood" starring Errol Flynn, among others. Not, it's not super accurate, historically, but then neither is Robin Hood.

I do love the music, which gets stuck in my head for days after watching it. It's got a great rousing theme but also some nice comedic beats when the mood needs lightening.

Something that you'll notice in this, however, is that Robin is not flawless. He loses to both Little John and Friar Tuck (more of a tie, really) in their initial meetings, and it's through those interactions that they decide to join him. He didn't win and thereby showed him as the superior, but he managed to win them over through personality and the fact that he's already famous.

One thing I truly love about the film is the depth of the casting. You have Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone (relishing playing the villain), Claude Rains, and Alan Hale (Senior, not Junior), among a host a character actors. Everyone gives it their all, and it makes for a great, and fun, film. Don't just take my word for it, though, why not watch it for yourself?

The Adventures Of Robin Hood (1938) by FilmGorillas

Rob Kelly was nice enough to have me on The Film and Water Podcast to discuss this movie, so you can hear more of my thoughts over there:

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