Thursday, June 18, 2015

Changing My Mind

You know, if you've read my stuff here, that I tend to be old fashioned. The whole "dating website" thing doesn't compute, for example. If you had told me a few years ago that I would drive to Long Island immediately after work on a Friday to spend the weekend with a bunch of guys that I met on the internet, I would have probably blown a gasket from laughing too much.

This was taken just before we went to a diner for what I dubbed "The Mickey Mouse Breakfast Club"

That's exactly what happened last weekend, though. I was lucky enough to be able to go up and meet up with, and in some cases meet in person for the first time, some great guys from Two True Freaks. Not just Scott Gardner and Chris Honeywell, who started it all, but also Dr. Bill Robinson who I do a show with (Anime Freaks), Chris Tyler, who is a frequent guest on Comic Book Fight Club but also part of the Vault of Startling Monster Horror Tales of Terror, and Paul Spataro of Back to the Bins

Not to mention Dave Weter from Dave's Daredevil Podcast, Ron Sadowski from Dinner 4 Geeks, Tim Elliott from Third Degree Byrne (coming soon!), & David Pascarella, who I've never actually spoken to!

I had an amazing time and, as Mr. Weter said at some point, it was like we knew each other for decades, even though some of us had never even traded an e-mail back and forth. It was a odd feeling, and one that I never would have guessed would have been possible.

Regardless, we are strangers no longer, because anyone who shares the experience of doing an "Amok Time" parody with the cast of Rocky III are truly brothers from that moment on.

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