Thursday, May 28, 2015

Informative TV Intros

Something that came out of my guest spot on the Fire & Water Podcast (#fwpodcast) was Shag going completely overboard on posting TV Intros on their Tumblr Page. This lead to me waxing nostalgic (shocking, I know) on TV intros that actually set up the viewer to know what the premise was. You see, back before DVR's, Netflix, and Binge Watching, TV shows never knew if their viewers were around for the previous episode. The intro was a way for viewers to be brought up to speed on what the show was all about, and also give us a cool way of seeing the opening credits. Here are a few of my favorite examples of this lost art.

The Incredible Hulk

Knight Rider

Star Trek (The Animated Series)*

Quantum Leap

Battlestar Galactica

Street Hawk

* Yes, I know it's the same as the original, but I happen to love the animated version.

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