Thursday, February 5, 2015

Star Wars: Rebels

I wasn't huge into the second Clone Wars series, partially because I loved the Micro Series by Genndy Tartakovsky, and partially because I wasn't a huge fan of the prequels. However, being the huge Star Wars geek that I am, I had to give Rebels a try. I have to say, I really enjoy this series.

The main reason that I like it so much is that my daughter likes it so much. She actually bugs me every week to watch the new episodes, even if we're in a break. The fact that she's getting into a version of Star Wars, especially one that so close to the original movies, just makes me smile.

And that's another reason I like it so much, the fact that it is so close to the originals. Part of it is due to the Ralph Mcquarrie influence on the design of the show's look. Mainly, though, is that it reminds me of a group of characters from the Star Wars Role-Playing Game that I used to play. Not any specific characters, but I just get the vibe that this is a group of Player Characters on their own modified freighter fighting for the Rebellion.

If anyone hasn't seen this show, go dig it up. I highly recommend it.

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