Thursday, November 13, 2014

Big Hero 6

From Disney Insider

My family recently went to see Big Hero 6 in the theater and, I have to say, we all had a blast. This is a fun movie, but it does deal with some heavy issues. I'd say it had just about the perfect mix of drama, comedy, and action. I would have liked if the villain reveal wasn't as underwhelming, but I'm keyed in to looking for clues like that, so it might have been better for others.

I would recommend this movie to pretty much anyone, but especially to those parents of children who love superheroes. Kira had a great time. She liked it so much that it's on the same level as Frozen in her mind.

Keep in mind that this is based off a Marvel property, so make sure you watch until the very end of the credits. I was amazed that we were the only people still left in the theater.


  1. I'm pretty certain I can convince at least my daughters to go see this movie with me this weekend, as they have seen the previews on our recent outings to Guardians of the Galaxy. And they are right at the ages where a bit of drama wouldn't phase them (the tragic bit with Rocket or Peter in Guardians wasn't too jarring for them, as it was well balanced by the action and humor). Thanks for the review, Gene!

    1. I'm happy to help, Sean. Kira is 6 and she started to get a little upset at a few moments, but I just had to tell her to wait until the end and see what happened and she was fine. I think your daughters' will really like it. :)