Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Artwork of Steve Garcia

I was asked if I wanted to participate in the most recent Justice League of Bloggers Crossover featuring the artwork of Steve Garcia and, once I saw it, I jumped at the chance.  Check out these great Thor silhouettes that he did.
Classic Thor by Steve Garcia
Modern Thor by Steve Garcia
You can find Steve's artwork on the web at the following places:

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  1. I looked over this post while listening to "Hello Hello: The Best of Claudine Longet." This fact would seeming having nothing to do with Thor, who is Asgardian and not French, plus he seems to prefer England when visiting Europe. However, they are both un-American, and while I'm just listening to a hot '60s French girl perform mediocre covers, you have devoted a whole blog to a foreigner with even longer and more fabulous hair than Claudine Longet. I'm not calling your patriotism into question. That's for the NSA to do after I finish this long and rambling email to them. We'll see whose hammer strikes then!

    1. Don't hit send just yet, Frank. Yes, Thor is a foreigner, but I can at least claim religious freedom, being a Heathen and all ( On the other hand, J'onn J'onz is also a foreigner and I would say that you're blog has more of a focus than this one has on Thor. Just think about that before getting to the end of the e-mail.