Thursday, January 16, 2014

Star Wars TV Openings

No, this is not TV openings for actual Star Wars TV shows.  Instead, I want to present to you 1980's TV openings with a Star Wars twist.  I watched all of these shows at one point or another and I would have loved to see the Star Wars versions of them.

Magnum, PI

Rather fitting, since Tom Selleck was up for the role of Indiana Jones, but had already committed to play Thomas Magnum.


I love the A-Team and this is a great tribute.  (Much better than the J-Team that my friends and I did for a paintball game.)

Air Wolf

Two Star Wars versions of the Air Wolf opening theme.  Very nice job on the graphics in this one.


I can really see this working.  A high powered political intrigue set in the Star Wars universe.


I can see that making a bomb out of duct tape, bubble gum and three paper clips could be considered a Jedi power.

Love Boat

OK, this would just be a really weird show.

I hope you all enjoyed these as much as I did.


  1. So much fun! Love mash-up TV openings! That MacGyver one is exceptional!

    1. What's great, though, is is you look on the page for the Magnum one and watch the side by side with the original opening. These guys are great.