Thursday, October 24, 2013

William Hootkins – The Kevin Bacon of Geekdom

I have recently caught up on From Crisis To Crisis: A Superman Podcast, and I’m catching up on Views From The Longbox, and Michael Bailey has mentioned William Hootkins a few times for playing roles in many of geekdom’s biggest franchises.  Here’s a breakdown of them:

1977 – Star Wars
Porkins - The ill-fated Red 6 
1980 – Flash Gordon
Munson - Zarkov's Assistant
1981 – Raiders of the Lost Ark
Major Eaton - Confident in the country's "Top Men"

1987 – Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
Harry Howler – The guy that executes Luthor’s plans to create Nuclear Man

1989 – Batman
Lt. Eckhardt – The corrupt cop that gets what he deserves
So what do we have here?  George Lucas’ biggest success story, a huge Spielberg/Lucas collaboration, a cult classic (that my wife can’t stand for some reason), the movie that relaunched one of DC’s iconic figures, and … well we’ll skip that last one, shall we?  All of these movies have big names in them and most of those cross over into other franchises.  And we’re not even talking about some of the voice or TV work the man did.

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