Thursday, August 22, 2013

Comics Reviews - A Proposal

So a week into the two week voting cycle and we have an overwhelming response of "Yes" to my question about whether I should start doing a retrospective on older comics.  Obviously, I would be starting with Thor (since I stole borrowed the name of this blog from that letters page) but here is what I envision.

The majority of the time, I'll just have a straight up "Plot recap, brief review" format, which will get you the basics and my general thoughts.  Where I think it's necessary, I'll add a "where it comes from" section, which Trey does when he has his Warlord Wednesdays at The Sorcerer's Skull, where I'll let you know where the important characters/plots come from in the Lore, to the best of my ability.

Should the votes continue in the affirmative then I'll start writing up my thoughts.  This could take a bit of time to show up here, though, but rest assured that it will happen.  What I would have to decide, though, is where to go afterward.  I'm thinking the Peter David run on Aquaman, and continuing through to #75 of that series, since someone doesn't seem to want to touch them.  I also have all of the DC Comics Star Trek series, so I'll see if I can work them in as well.  If anyone out there has a request, though, I'm willing to entertain most anything that's available.  Just let me know.

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