Thursday, March 29, 2012

Supplimentary Materials

Recently I purchased "The Book of Battle" and "The Book of Armies" for my Pendragon library.  I like them, as a read, and plan to implement them soon.  These are no where near a necessity for the average GM, but I like the flavor they add to the game.  I'm not sure how in depth I'll be going with the current game, but I'm definately going to use them the next time around for the Uther, Anarchy and Boy King battles.

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  1. When (if?) I get my GPC campaign off the ground I will have a discussion with the players to see how much detail they want to see in battles - and then go from there on how heavily to incorporate the battle sub-system rules.

    But, in any case, the broader list of encountered foes for those battles would make sense to incorporate in any case.