Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas is for Children

OK, before all the angry comments start, I’m talking about Secular Christmas here, which I celebrate even as a non-Christian.  I stand by the title of the post, though.  While Christmas with the family is great, it really is for children.  When my sister and I were in college, we would come home to spend the holidays with our family, but it really was just another visit.  On Christmas Day during those years, everyone would roll out of bed whenever they wanted.  We would eat breakfast and wait for other relatives (mainly my grandfather) to show up before we would even consider opening presents.  Now I got some great gifts, don’t get me wrong, but there wasn’t that sense of wonder or excitement.

Now that I’m a father, I see how Christmas really should be.  My three year old got us up early and was completely blown away that Santa had been there while we were asleep.  Every new present was a new high for her (and they all had to get opened before food was even considered).  To quote my favorite Christmas special of all time (The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus), “In all this world, there is nothing so beautiful as a happy child.”  Christmas morning is the most perfect illustration for this and without it, it’s really just another day.


  1. I almost completely agree, for the last eight years me and thaylie have tried to make Christmas as awesome as children expect it to be, but for adults it just doesn't seam to work.

    On the other hand now that our kids are old enough to understand a bit more, it's getting more and more exciting for us to throw them a great christmas.

    So it's true that it is for kids but then again only an adult can get that amazing rush from seeing children having so much fun.

    Also lots of people might have different expediences with Christmas. I know mine actually sucked for half of my childhood, lol.

    On another subject I commented to your question over on my blog, and from the little bit I have seen of yours it definitely looks like a good blog to have join us. We might at some point ask you to put a logo with a link to our webpage we are setting up.

    It will just be a place saying what the spiritling blog alliance is and who the members are. All though I'm hoping to get it to also display the most recent posts by members as well.

  2. I understand completely. This was the first year my daughter knew what was going on. When she unwrapped the one present she asked Santa for she was over the moon. It was great.

  3. I concur and have witnessed the whole spectrum from multiple Christmas seasons spent with my brother's family and watching my niece enjoy the holiday through the years.

    She is sixteen now and made the observation that it is not the same. I mentioned to her that you know it has changed when you appreciate getting socks as a gift since you requested them. :)

    This past Christmas was also the first LEGO-free one in over ten years.